Latest Retrofit™ Pilates Newsletter Entries


I’ve been working with a woman who is 86 years old but she is definitely not the frail elderly. She is feisty, determined and exercises every day doing something. She actually has muscle definition, biceps, delts, triceps etc. She stands up straight. She has been working out since she was 16. She has modified her […]


Pilates is not only an exercise program but it is a way of life according to Joe Pilates. If you work the program, Pilates will change your life and the way you think about yourself in life. I see this results every day. My client with the knee replacement comes to me faithfully twice a […]

Pilates for Knee Rehab

My new client is a 78 year old woman from Canada who had knee replacement 8 weeks ago. She also has an 11 year old hip replacement on the other side and a failing knee on the hip replacement right side. She limps and her back is suffering from all this. Unfortunately, her Physical Therapist […]

Pilates for MS

We already know that Pilates is great for back pain, osteoporosis, posture training and senior fitness. But Pilates is exceptional for MS clients. My client cannot use her right leg, she is on a walker and a brace for drop foot. She has already lost 50% control of her right arm. I know I have […]