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According to Annie Lowrey writer of this article in NY Magazine September 15, 2015, Pilates is facing a severe downturn. She makes nonfactual assumptions why this is happening. Her idea, boutique-fitness studios are closing right and left, men don’t like Pilates, Pilates is too critical, too antisocial and too quiet is not quite accurate. The […]

Jane Fonda’s Workout On The Reformer

The times they are a changing. I spoke to several Pilates teachers from Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Omaha and Kansas City who said it’s getting more difficult to find students who want a body/mind workout. In their opinion the fitness market is shifting to sweating and feeling the burn. In 1981 when I took my […]

Are Pilates Teachers Poorly Trained?

I have been hearing horror stories from the Pilates front lately. “Do something about that hump in your back on the reformer”. Would you say that to a client while teaching them Stomach Massage? Maybe you shouldn’t teach stomach massage to someone who should not do it. Scoop, roll forward, round your back, all terrible […]

Do You Really Need To Be Pilates Certified?

I am the only PMA certified Pilates teacher in my entire area. I have been called on to interview a potential Pilates teacher at one of my facilities who I know is not really certified. Everyone takes a weekend course of mat and reformer, they don’t turn in any hours but say they are certified. […]