Latest Retrofit™ Pilates Newsletter Entries

Harder Exercises – Stronger Springs or Work Smarter?

I’ve heard from some of the fitness clients at one of my clubs that Pilates injured them and they are not coming back. Recently, I substituted for one of the teachers so I decided to take most of the springs off and do the exercises slowly. WOW! Talk about not being able to stabilize body […]

Site Specific Exercises

When you train your clients do you carry on a conversation with them most of the class time? I see this frequently. As I watch, I notice the client is just going through the motions without knowing what they are doing and why. Both the teacher and client talk through each exercise and the client […]

Clients with Osteoporosis

Do you know if your clients have osteoporosis? Do you ask them? Do they tell you? Do you ask the men, also? Have any of them broken a bone? This is important information to know before you give your clients a Pilates workout. Many of the Pilates moves are contraindicated for osteoporosis. I’m sure you […]

Do You Really Make a Difference?

Are we really making a difference in the lives of our clients? They come to us week after week but do they really look different, feel different? Pilates is not about doing a set of exercises and sending our clients home. It’s about showing our clients how the Pilates exercises should be incorporated into their […]