Latest Retrofit™ Pilates Newsletter Entries

Are Pilates Teachers Poorly Trained?

I have been hearing horror stories from the Pilates front lately. “Do something about that hump in your back on the reformer”. Would you say that to a client while teaching them Stomach Massage? Maybe you shouldn’t teach stomach massage to someone who should not do it. Scoop, roll forward, round your back, all terrible […]

Do You Really Need To Be Pilates Certified?

I am the only PMA certified Pilates teacher in my entire area. I have been called on to interview a potential Pilates teacher at one of my facilities who I know is not really certified. Everyone takes a weekend course of mat and reformer, they don’t turn in any hours but say they are certified. […]

Pilates For Tennis Players

Recently, I watched the Easter Bowl tennis tournament for junior players. In the finals of the 18 and under were two tall, slim, young, women both with shoulder problems. Of course, I did a body analysis on both only to find: overly tight pec minors from too much chest work anterior pelvic tilt from too […]

Push Yourself To Be Creative

I’ve been teaching Pilates 18+ years now. Because most of my clients are seniors, I never get to do many of the intermediate exercises and certainly not the advanced ones. Seniors have too many issues and joint placement problems to be in the more strenuous exercise positions. So, when I have a group of two […]