Latest Retrofit™ Pilates Newsletter Entries

Pilates For Tennis Players

Recently, I watched the Easter Bowl tennis tournament for junior players. In the finals of the 18 and under were two tall, slim, young, women both with shoulder problems. Of course, I did a body analysis on both only to find: overly tight pec minors from too much chest work anterior pelvic tilt from too […]

Push Yourself To Be Creative

I’ve been teaching Pilates 18+ years now. Because most of my clients are seniors, I never get to do many of the intermediate exercises and certainly not the advanced ones. Seniors have too many issues and joint placement problems to be in the more strenuous exercise positions. So, when I have a group of two […]

Does Proper Form Really Matter?

I must admit… I haven’t watched a new Pilates DVD in a while. The last few I’ve seen have a scripted routine with “dancer-like” participants doing every move perfectly. By the way, my DVDs have novice participants who had never done the exercises making my cueing relevant. Many of the workshops I’ve attended also had […]

Harder Exercises – Stronger Springs or Work Smarter?

I’ve heard from some of the fitness clients at one of my clubs that Pilates injured them and they are not coming back. Recently, I substituted for one of the teachers so I decided to take most of the springs off and do the exercises slowly. WOW! Talk about not being able to stabilize body […]